🎯Fees Policy

Rollup.Finance reserves the right to change fees policy at any time


  1. Position fee for perpetual trading: 0.1% of position size (open/close)

  2. Liquidation fee: $5

  3. Dynamic borrowing fee:Traders pay a borrowing fee every hour. The fee is calculated dynamically based on the asset utilization rate:(assets borrowed) / (total assets in pool) * 0.01% per hour.

  4. Maximum borrowing fee: 0.01% per hour (at 100% utilization)

  5. Swap fee: ranging from 0.25% to 0.45%,around 0.35%

  6. LP minting and burning fee: 0% to 0.2%, around 0.1%.

    • The base LP minting and burning fee is equal to 0.1%

    • Each asset's fee is dynamically determined to incentivize actions that bring the actual weight closer to the target weight.

    • The minting and burning fee decreases whenever adding/removing liquidity would bring the actual weight closer to the target weight, and vice versa.

  7. Execution Fee : 0.0015 ETH


  1. Stake for minting RUSD: 0.1% of size

  2. Unstake for burning RUSD: 0.05% of size

  3. Position fee for perpetual trading: 0.1% of position size (open/close)

  4. Hourly Fee: (number of hours of position) * Hourly Parameters % * Trading Collateral

  1. The hourly parameter may not be the same for each pair, the initial value of the hourly parameter is: 0.005%;

  2. Time Charge Hourlyfee will accrue the hourly time charge for the position;

  3. The charge is calculated every 1 hour and is not charged for less than 1 hour.

  1. Liquidation fee: $1, charged on execution of liquidation and stop loss and take profit

  2. Funding Fee: Position size*(% of long orders - % of short orders)100 % of long/short parameters

  • Positive and negative values are used to determine the direction of the payment, the payment value is taken as an absolute value and is allocated according to the position of the position as a percentage of the total position, when the result is positive, long pays to short, when the result is negative, short pays to long;

  • The initial value of the hourly long/short fee for each trading pair is 0.0001% , please refer to Diversified Assets for details of each trading pair.

  • FundingFee will accrue the hourly long/short fee for the position.

  • Hourly Fixed Charge.

Coin-margined/Crypto Pool Fee Policy(Default)

  1. Open fee= 0.1%size

  2. Close fee= 0.1%size

  3. Liquidation fee= 0.05%size

  4. Stake fee= 0.1%volume

  5. Unstake fee= 0.05%volume

  6. Spread=0

  7. Borrow Rate:0.01%(max borrow fee:0.01%size/1h)

About Execution Fee

There are two transactions involved in opening / closing / editing a position:

· User sends the first transaction to request open / close / deposit collateral / withdraw collateral

· Keepers observe the blockchain for these requests then execute them

The cost of the second transaction is displayed in the confirmation box as the "Execution Fee". This network cost is paid to the blockchain network. The execution fee is not a fixed value, it may be adjusted according to the cost of the gas on the chain.

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