▶️Coin-Margined Trade

Coin-margined contracts enable Rollup.Finance to access a long tail of assets without permission, just like Uniswap, in order to capture the maximum number of trading users. Anyone can open a coin-margined contract for any coin without permission. Additionally, anyone can deposit any asset to provide liquidity to the protocol and earn rewards.

visionary projects come to Rollup.Finance to create Margined Pools and Trade for their native tokens are expected.

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How to create a coin- margined pool?

Connect your wallet and go to [Stake] page, make sure choosing [ Crypto Pool ], create a Coin-Margined Pool and Trade in Two Easy Steps.

  1. Click [Create pool] and enter the token address you want to create.

Then you can see some basic info about the crypto pool, such as LP name, supported trading pairs, spread, liquidation cap, profit cap, max leverage and Fee composition etc.

The setting parameter of crypto pool are owner setable only, but if you are the project party behind the token, the parameter is negotiatable, just feel free to contact us via Discord (https://discord.com/invite/WUSKams3Un)

  1. After comfirming the basic info of crypto pool, click on [ Next ] and stake any amount of initial liquidity in pool, then you've successfully created a crypto pool.

Congratulations! Successfully created a coin-margined pool and trade.

⚠️Please note that after successful creation you will need to enter the contract address of the tokens to check if the pool and trade was created, click on the token list bar, enter the token address to search the targeted token you want to create instead of the token's name. Contact us and whitelist the pool if you want to add it to the pool list.

How to Stake and Trade in crypto pool?


When you create a crypto pool, it'll atomatically generate liquidity provider credentials as r+crypto name. eg. rBTC/BTC, when you staken in BTC, you will receive the LP named rBTC and earning rewards.

LP's earnings are mainly composed of two parts: Staking rewards and Trader losses.

Staking rewards: provided by the platform fee, LPs can receive 50% platform fee including stake/unstake fee,open/close fee, liquidation fee, borrow fee.

Platform Fee Details

Stake Fee: 0.1% size

Unstake Fee: 0.05% size

Position Fee(open/close fee): 0.1% size

Liquidation Fee: 0.05% size

Borrow Rate:0.01% (max borrow fee:0.01%size/1h)

Trader losses: when a trader makes a loss, it becomes the income of the pool.


The steps in crypto trading are kind of similar to RLP trade, but there are some different charactaristics you need to pay attention to before start your trading game.

● The maximum lock assets is 9.01* collateral since the profit upper limit is 900% on one position.

● All actions in Coin-margined trade is setteled in that specific token.

● The current maximum leverage is 100x and may be increased to 500x in the near future. Users should understand the risks involved and trade with caution

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