RUSD Trade

The RUSD Index Contract is a contract that settles profits and losses in RUSD.

Opening a position

1.Connect wallet and switch to zkSync network
2.Go to the trade page for leverage trading and make sure you are in the Crypto(RUSD) page.
3.Choosing either side by click on [long] or [short] to open a position
4.After selecting side, type in the amount you want to pay and set the leverage size you want to enable, click [Enable Leverage] and [approve USDC/USDT] to transfer your assets in, then open a position by comfirming Long ETH/USD
In this example, $100 is being used to buy a 20x ETH long position of size $1,960.00
The entry price is 1647.09, and the Liquidation Price is $1,876.38.
The trading fee to open a position is 0.1% of the position size which is $1.96
When open a position, you need to pay attention to size limitation in diffirent assets.
Refer to Diversified Assets to check the max opening size/minimum opening size

Manage position

After opening a trade, it is visible in a list under your Positions, as shown above. Various actions are available to manage your position by clicking that button:


Allows you to deposit additional collateral to reduce your leverage without changing size


Allows you to withdraw existing collateral to increase your leverage without changing size

Limit order

Limit order is an order that will be executed automatically when the target price is reached. Therefore you need to pay the execution fee in advance to ensure the order is executed.
For same trading pair and side (long/short), only one order can be placed.Orders of the same direction will be combined into one position.
The limit order will affect the position in the same direction of the same trade pair. The image below shows the impact of limit order on positions in the same direction and with the same trading pair.
The original position size can be increased or descreased by using limit order in same trading pair and side.

Increase position size (adding collateral to increase size)

Enter the price point when you want to enable the limit order, as usaual, type in the amount you want to add in and set leverage, when the limit order is enabled, it'll be combined with the orginal position to one position.

Decrease position size (withdraw collateral to decrease size)

Click in the position list to manage position
In [Mange Position] page, click [Limit] and enter the amount you want to withdraw, then it'll shows the impact on Collateral, leverage and Liq.price

Take Profit and Stop Loss

In the manage tab, you can set TP/SL to take profit or stop loss at certain price point.
After setting TP/SL, the price will be shown on the position list.
The maximum profit on one position is 900% in RUSD pool.
The maximum loss on one position is -90% in RUSD pool.
So users can set TP/SL between -90% and 900% by themselves (included -90% and 900%)
If you close the original position manually, the unexecuted orders will automatically be closed, and the unused fees will be returned.

Closing a position

You can close a position partially by clicking on the "X" button,
Close a position partially will reduce size and keep leverage the same: only the size of the trade is affected (Position Size, Collateral Value, Net Value), and not the Leverage or Liquidation Price.
The image below shows the impact of closing 50% of an open position whilst keeping leverage the same
Close a position completely means that the position will be closed at the current market price.


The Liquidation means that the positions will be automatically closed when the following occurs:
1. Liquidation is executed when the minimum collateral value is less than 10% of the position: Minimum collateral value = (collateral - opening fee) * leverage / 10
2. Liquidation is executed when the Minimum Collateral - Closing Fee - Borrow Fee - Liquidation Fee(5U) ≤ 0.
How to caculate the Liq.price
  • Size = (collateral - open fee)*leverage
  • Fee = PositionFee + HourlyFee - Founding fee
  • Liq.price (long) = entry peice*[1-(initial collateral*0.9 - hourly fee - position fee + founding fee)/(initial collateral*leverage)]
  • Liq.price(short) = entry price*[1 + (initial collateral*0.9 - hourly fee - position fee + founding fee)/(initial collateral*leverage)]